Sinah Meier – Vocals
Olli Fuchs – Drums




Shortly after their first big goal – the album “Storm Inside My Heart”  – the German rock band FREAKSTORM came back with a new single. For “Can’t Keep Me Down 2022” FREAKSTORM’s most successful single so far was entirely newly recorded by guitar player Oliver Hartmann. As a highlight the British rock singer David Readman from Pink Cream 69 sang a duet with Sinah Meier.

On September 23rd three versions of the song - among them a full FREAKSTORM version and a complete David Readman variant - were released on all streaming platforms. Additionally there will come out a music video which the band filmed together with David Readman.

Just in May 2022 FREAKSTORM released an EP with the powerful and melodic title track “When Dawn Is Breaking”, which was created in the studio of producer Dennis Ward, just like the album.

To bring out their own album was something FREAKSTORM could never have dreamed of a few years ago, for singer Sinah Meier and drummer Olli Fuchs were starting as a tribute project. But in 2021 it all became real. Before the release of the by Dennis Ward produced album on the 27th of August 2021 FREAKSTORM sent two singles in the running: the propulsive title track “Storm Inside My Heart” and the electrifying AC/DC-Cover “Shot Down In Flames”. Both songs were released digitally and with a music video.
The first song which FREAKSTORM recorded 2016 was a cover of the US group Halestorm. The goal to hand this track over to their idols personally (which indeed happened), gave Sinah and Olli the motivation to record their own songs. The first EP "We Got The Fire" was recorded in 2018 and released self-directed.
2019 followed the officially and internationally released
EP “From Zero” which was the product of a new era for FREAKSTORM: On the one hand the band began to work with producer Dennis Ward (Pink Cream 69/Helloween). He supported the band to develop a rich rock sound – a strong fundament for Sinah’s powerful and clear voice.
On the other hand FREAKSTORM since then cooperates with the Label Major Promo Music (Gummersbach) regarding digital releases. All songs of the band are on the well-known streaming and download platforms. In Mai 2019 the successful single “Can’t Keep Me Down” was released this way. And FREAKSTORM started to shoot music videos.
The EP “From Zero” also came as a physical CD onto the market and draw great attention in the scene: Reviews in some rock magazines, radio plays around the globe and the jump in the Alaskan charts.
Sinah und Olli worked in their career successfully with alternating musicians. At the recording session at the Kangaroo Studios (Karlsdorf-Neuthard) in spring 2021 producer Dennis Ward played the bass completely and Oliver Hartmann (Avantasia/Hartmann) contributed the guitars for three tracks.
FREAKSTORM used the preceding corona break for intensive songwriting. This payed off: The musicians officially came back with refined arrangements and a matured sound. The album “Storm Inside My Heart” with its nine tracks is available on all streaming and download portals AND physically with a CD as a digipack.
After the release in August FREAKSTORM instantly returned to producer Dennis Ward to record an emotional
acoustic version of their rock song “Out Of The Door” – fitting the Christmas season. The filigree acoustic guitars are once again played by Oliver Hartmann. The release on December 23rd was completed by a visually powerful music video where the band performs in between numerous candlesticks.